ISOCEEN 2022 Schedule

Regarding the offline conference that we are going to hold on October 29th 2022, we would like to inform to all author the requirement in ISOCEEN 2022.

Program Book of ISOCEEN 2022

Main Rundown

Start (UTC+7)End (UTC+7)Detail ActivityPresenter
7:308:00Check-in and registrationISOCEEN 2022 Committee
8:008:05Opening and GreetingMaster of Ceremony (MC)
8:058:10Singing Indonesian Anthem and ITS HymneMaster of Ceremony (MC)
8:108:15Welcome Remarks by ISOCEEN2022 ChairmanProf. Suntoyo, Ph.D
8:158:20Welcome Remarks by Rector of ITSProf. Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng.
8:208:25Photo SessionMaster of Ceremony (MC)
8:259:151st Keynote speakerProf. Dr. Eng. Hitoshi Tanaka
Moderator: Prof. Ir. Daniel M. Rosyid, Ph.D.
9:1510:052nd keynote speaker (offline)Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Sana, Ph.D
Moderator: Prof. Ir. Daniel M. Rosyid, Ph.D.
10:0510:25Coffee Break 1ISOCEEN 2022 Committee
10:2511:153rd keynote speaker (offline)Ir. I Gede Dian Aryana, M.T.
Moderator : Prof. Ir. Daniel M. Rosyid, Ph.D.
11:1512:054th keynote speaker (online)Assoc. Prof. Alvaro Semedo, Ph.D.
Moderator : Prof. Ir. Daniel M. Rosyid, Ph.D.
12:0512:10Briefing for Parallel SessionMaster of Ceremony (MC)
12:1013:00Lunch (ISHOMA)ISOCEEN 2022 Committee
13:0013:05Opening from ModeratorRoom Moderator
13:0513:10Rules and RegulationsRoom Moderator
13:1015:10Presentation sessionRoom Moderator
15:1015:20Coffee Break 2ISOCEEN 2022 Committee
15:2015:25Best Paper & Best PresentersISOCEEN 2022 Committee
15:2515:30Closing remark by Head of Ocean Engineering DepartmentHerman Pratikno, Ph.D.
15:3015:35DocumentationISOCEEN 2022 Committee
15:3515:40ClosingMaster of Ceremony (MC)

Parallel Room Rundown

1st Room (Swissbelinn Manyar, Surabaya)

Moderator: Dr. Eng. Shade Rahmawati S.T., M.T.

StartEndPaper IDTitle
13:0013:10Opening, briefing regarding detailed rules and regulations
13.1013.2216Comparative Study of Spread and Vertical Mooring Configuration in Floating Collar Net Cage under Irregular Waves and Current
13:2213:3417RANS CFD Model for Global Performance Evaluation of Floating Vessel in Extreme Head Waves
13:3413:4623Conducting Vessel Data Imputation Method Selection Based on Dataset Characteristics
13:4613:45832Ballast Water Treatment with Heat Exchanger Modeling Simulation
13:5814.1033Verification and validation of ITTC benchmark ship performance towards development of CFD and EFD combined methods
14.1014:2236Optimization design of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for Madura Strait Area
14:2214:3439Fatigue life prediction on the side hull structure of semi-submersible tourism
14:3414:4642Study of Wave Parameters in the West side of Java Sea using Wave Spectral Analysis and Zero Up-Crossing Methods
14:4614:5846A Review Study of Ship Collision: Risk, Scenario and Effect

2nd Room (Swissbelinn Manyar, Surabaya)

Moderator: Silvianita, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.

StartEndPaper IDTitle
13:0013:10Opening, briefing regarding detailed rules and regulations
13:1013:226Hydrodynamic Model due to Reclamation in Lamong Bay
13:2213:3412Structural Design Evaluation for Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), Case Study: Madura Straits
13:3413:4611Post-pandemic risk assessment and safety management at academic institution environment
13:4613:5826Tidal Impacts on the discharge division and freshwater transport in the Berau Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
13:5814:1030Fleet Ownership Model for Mineral Export Products Concerning Indonesia’s Downstream Mineral Policy: A Case Study of Copper Ore Exports
14:1014:2235Economic Recovery of Coastal Communities Post COVID-19 Through Marine Eco-tourism Management in Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi (case study: Grand Watudodol Beach)
14:2214:3440Design of a Logistic Intelligence Boat with X-Bow Hull Form
14:3414:4645Bed shear stress and sediment transport equations for predicting morphological and shoreline change: a review

3rd Room (Swissbelinn Manyar, Surabaya)

Moderator: Dr. Dendy Satrio, S.ST.

StartEndPaper IDTitle
13:0013:10Opening, briefing regarding detailed rules and regulations
13:1013:2214RAO Analysis of RoPax Opened Car Deck (OCD), Which Capsizing in The Waves
13:2213:3418Reassessment of Minimum Facilities Wellhead Platform due to Installation of Extension Compressors against Earthquake Loads
13:3413:4619Driving Blue Economy for Sustainable Development: A Case of Stakeholder Collaboration Platform Development
13:4613:5821Modelling The Impact of Fire on Humans Due to Storage Tank Leak at LNG Terminal Using Fire Dynamics Simulator Method
13:5814:1022Hydraulic Stability of Concrete Armour Unit : A 2D Physical Model Study
14:1014:2224Comparative Study of Tubular Joint Design Formulas According to API RP 2A WSD 21st Edition and 22nd Edition
14:2214:3425A Review of Various Perspective from Ocean Current Harvest Energy
14:3414:4627Analysis Study of the Ratio of Wave Height to Column Diameter in Oscillating Water Column

4th Room (Online Zoom)

Moderator: Santi Frestiqauli, S.T., M.T.

Please join through this LINK

StartEndPaper IDTitle
13:0013:10Opening, briefing regarding detailed rules and regulations
13:1013:229The Concept of Integrated Coastal Management for Eco-Tourism Development at Dalegan Beach, Gresik Regency, East Java
13:2213:3420Sensitivity Analysis of SPH Parameters for Long-distance Water Wave Propagation
13:3413:462Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Tank Shape on Sloshing Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
13:4613:583Hull Girder Ultimate Strength Analysis of 17500 LTDW Oil Tanker under the Combined Global and Local Load using Explicit Finite Element Analysis
13:5814:104Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) on Container Ship in Indonesian Shipping
14:1014:2231A Study of the Resistance Components of planing hull Using Interceptors
14:2214:348Hydrodynamic Derivatives of a Ferry Ship Maneuvering in Deep and Shallow Water with Computational Fluid Dynamic Method
14:3414:4613Setting Exciter Rotor to Obtain Output Synchronous Generator to be used in Wind Energy Conversion System
14:5815:1034Empowering Coastal Communities to Improve Skills and Income Using Ergopreneurship Methods
15:1015:2229LiDAR DEM and HEC-RAS On-Grid Rainfall Hydrograph Model for Irrigation System